Wustum Museum Art Exhibit In Racine WI

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This Summer Enjoy Racine Art Museum’s Wustum Exhibit


The Racine Art Museum is putting on an exhibit that unites art and the community.


From June 4th through August 13th, you can take the family to the museum’s ‘All About Wustum: Our Community Exhibition’.

Image of Racine, WI

The exhibit was created to commemorate the Wustum Museum’s 75th anniversary.


What’s really great about it is that it will feature a wide range of local art. On display will be pieces from the local students, teachers and staff. In addition to that, teachers from the school district as well as members of the Racine Art Guild will also be contributing pieces.


It’s great for us as a dealership that serves Racine, WI, to be able to share an event like this. It’s a great opportunity to see local works of art and really get a feel for the community.


All told, the exhibit will showcase 128 pieces of artwork.


The types of media are varied as well so you’ll see paintings, drawings and more.


The common thread tying the artwork together though is Wustum. Whether it’s the beautiful gardens or the experiences that have created fond memories, the artwork celebrates Wustum and the community.


So, whether you’d like to see artwork from a well-known local artist or see what the local kids are producing, the ‘All About Wustum’ exhibit is sure to offer something unique.


We thought this is something you may not know about, but might love to see when you’re next in Racine, WI.


Here’s a link to the original website for more information – http://www.ramart.org/content/all-about-wustum-our-community-exhibition

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