Will We Be Seeing More Honda HRVs Soon?

July 2nd, 2016 by

Are More Honda HRVs On the Way?

Honda is looking to build U.S. sales momentum, and this could be done by increasing HR-V production by 60 percent to meet demands.

2016 Honda HRV Parked In Driveway

The company has announced that it will add production of the HR-V to its plant in Guadalajara, Mexico, early next year.

This would be added to the production that already stems from their plant in Celaya, Mexico.

This additional production capacity would help increase output of the popular car.

U.S. sales of the HR-V reached 29,876 in the first five months of this year!

With this kind of popularity, it’s no wonder Honda added the additional production capacity.

Honda is looking to build on the 5.7 percent U.S. sales gain it has received throughout the month of May.

This should not be too hard, as long as people remain interested.

Honda has enough factory power to build around 5.55 million vehicles, but the company only sold 4.70 million in the last fiscal year (ONLY).

In the next three to four years, Honda plans to boost annual output in Japan to 950,000 vehicles, from around 730,000 vehicles.

Up to 20 percent will be exported, compared with around 9 percent in 2015.

Even more Honda news?

The company announced that it would invest $52 million to add the CR-V to Indiana next year, where the Civic is currently made.

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