Why The 2016 Honda Pilot Is A Huge Success

April 27th, 2016 by

The New Honda Pilot Is A Smash Hit… Here’s Why


This is a big year for the Honda Pilot.

The 2016 Honda Pilot Driving On Open Road

It’s turning 14 this year!


The 2016 Honda Pilot is entering the first year of its first generation.


And not only that, the new model is bigger, sleeker, more attractive, and more likely to give you the attention you deserve.


Don’t believe me?


Then let’s take a closer look:

Standard Features:


3 rows, 5 choices of trim, 7 passenger-capacity, and 2nd row captain’s chairs.


Picture it, in all of its glory.


The rear seats are spacious and incredibly comfortable.


And the increase in storage bins makes traveling so much easier.


The interior features offer just as much as the exterior.


A five-inch central display screen, a seven-speaker sound system, a rear view camera, and a USB port give you more connectivity than you ever thought you needed.


All Pilot trims come equipped with a 3.5-liter V6 engine with 280-horsepower.


But your choice of trim guarantees you have a ride designed to fit your specific needs.


Other features include  a nine-speed automatic transmission, an automatic engine start/stop, ambient lighting, and so much more.


Major Improvements:


An issue with previous Pilot models was that they were not always easy to handle.


But with the 2016 model that issue is a thing of the past.


The all-wheel drive feature improves handling, and the new design is 300 pounds lighter than the previous model.


That means that the 2016 Pilot is an easier and smoother drive, and it is much more efficient, as well.


Toyota and Hyundai offer some stiff competition, but the Pilot does not give up easily.


The 2016 Pilot promises a smooth ride, and an ability to haul like no other sport utility vehicle.


So to the other manufacturers, the Pilot says, “Bring it on.”

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