Three Rounds, One Winner – The 2019 Honda Civic in Kenosha vs the Chevrolet Cruze

April 10th, 2019 by

Three rounds, two challengers, one winner. Today we compare the 2019 Honda Civic in Kenosha and the Chevrolet Cruze to see who comes out on top. Spoiler alert, it’s the Civic, but don’t just take our word for it! Keep reading to see the many reasons why we stand by Honda and draw your own conclusions.

Everyone’s Main Concern

Safety features should be everyone’s primary concern when comparing two vehicles because even the slightest adjustment can make a huge difference in an accident. There are two main features that the Civic has while the Cruze does not, and they are the height adjustable seat belts and smart airbags. The front seat belts in the Civic can be adjusted to fit passengers of all sizes better; this concept isn’t unheard of, but it makes an impact in safety and comfort by providing a better fit. The smart airbags also better protect those in the front, by utilizing speed and seat sensors to determine the amount of force needed when deployed. Along with being able to adjust power, if the sensors detect a child leaning against the door, the side airbag will shut off entirely. Another incredible safety feature missing from the Chevrolet Cruze is the Civic’s Adaptive Cruise Control, which can adjust the vehicle’s speed without you lifting a finger. Round one goes to…the Honda Civic.

Performance on the Road

As the second round starts, it’s time to review the Civic’s suspension and handling abilities; compared to the Cruze, this is gonna be another win for Honda… With a fully independent front and rear suspension system, the Civic won’t sacrifice your comfort for traction ability. Having a separate system provides better grip of the pavement, so cornering and acceleration are second nature and incredibly thrilling. The Cruze only has a semi-independent rear suspension system and doesn’t offer a rear stabilizer bar, so trips in that Chevy can get a little rough. Another key to better control is power steering, and the Civic knocks out the Cruze with its speeds sensitive variable-assist power steering, making parking and cornering effortless.

Ergonomics for Convenience

Moving on to the third and final round, we go to the Civic’s interior where there’s a slew of convenient features that will impress even the most diligent critic. When you hit the road, and it starts to rain, the Touring model’s wipers will automatically kick on and adjust their speed according to the amount of rainfall on the windshield. Sure the Cruze’s wipers can change their speed as well, but they don’t automatically turn on. Another feature not found on the Cruze is an automatic dimming feature on the rear-view mirror. So the next time you’re driving around, and the vehicle behind you has their brights on (or those halogen lights, ugh) you won’t have to worry about dodging the glare from your mirror!

The results are in, and after three rounds we have a winner; the 2019 Honda Civic in Kenosha! If you want to test out these features for yourself, visit us for a test drive this weekend. We look forward to hearing from you!


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