The Future is Bright in the 2020 Honda Pilot in Kenosha

September 25th, 2019 by

There are more than just a few reasons why the 2020 Honda Pilot in Kenosha is a better choice than the 2020 Chevrolet Traverse, but we don’t have all day to point out the Traverse’s flaws and the Pilot’s advantages. Instead, we highlighted a few of the more essential aspects to be aware of when buying a new vehicle, so keep reading to discover why the future is brighter in the 2020 Pilot.


More Economic and Ergonomic Advantages

It’s easy to get swept away by a vehicle’s impressive stats and remarkable features, but it’s good to know how much that shiny new toy will cost you down the road. Thankfully for you, the Pilot is much less expensive to operate according to The Car Book by Jack Gillis. For typical maintenance every 50,000 miles, you’ll save about $691 with the Pilot, and when it comes to repairs, your savings will continue to grow with $109 saved for front brake pads, $158 saved for fuel injection and $806 saved for a timing belt/chain. The Pilots five-year ownership costs are also something to note because IntelliChoice estimates that depreciation, financing, insurance, fuel, etc., will be $897 to $4958 less than if you went with the Chevy Traverse. 

Moving on to the Pilots functional design, this SUV is all about convenience with its front power windows that fully operate with a single touch of the switch for the driver and front passenger. And the keyless remote that can lower the windows from a distance to let fresh air run through the cabin before loading up. The Traverse’s windows cant be manipulated from a distance, and the LT, RS, Premier, and High Country models don’t have the automatic close feature available for the front passenger. So the passengers in the middle row don’t feel left out on the comfort conveniences, the Pilot has a center folding armrest for them, to help make them more comfortable; another feature that’s missing on the Traverse. 


Better Built for More Comfort

Just like how the skeleton is the foundation of the human body, the Pilot’s chassis is constructed more efficiently for better performance and capabilities than that of the Traverse. Weighing about 350 to 950 pounds less than the Chevy will give this Honda an edge in handling and acceleration while being 7.8 inches shorter helps with maneuverability and parking in tight spaces. Although the Pilot is shorter than the Traverse, don’t for a second think that you and your passengers will be cramped. With middle and third-row seats that recline and 2.4 inches of more body room, passenger comfort is enhanced in the Pilot, making those long trips more bearable.


Want to discover more features the 2020 Honda Pilot in Kenosha can offer? Then visit us this weekend at Honda of Kenosha for a test-drive, and see why this futuristic model is something to brag about. 


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