The 2019 Honda Civic in Racine, Wisconsin vs. the Toyota Corolla

August 19th, 2019 by

Are you having a hard time deciding on what your next vehicle should be? With constant advertisements coming at you from every angle, it can be difficult sifting out the good and the bad. After all, these commercials and ads only highlight the vehicles good features, but what about the bad? Finding relevant information about a car can be time-consuming, which is why we wrote today’s topic about the 2019 Honda Civic in Racine, Wisconsin. So if you want to learn why this Honda is a better choice than the Toyota Corolla, then keep reading…


When it comes to safety, you can never have too many features that keep you and everyone on the road safe. A classic safety feature available on all cars are airbags, but they can often cause more harm than good. With the Civic, you can trust that the airbags found throughout the cabin will better protect you and your passengers because they deploy at different levels of force. These smart airbags use vehicle speed and seat sensors to determine the amount of power used when the airbags deploy. And the side airbags will even shut off entirely if it detects a child leaning against the door; the Corolla can’t do that. 

To illuminate your blindspot, the Civic uses wide-angle convex mirrors, located on the corner of each side-view mirror. The Corolla doesn’t offer a feature to highlight the driver’s blind spot, so you’ll have to settle for looking over your shoulder when changing lanes. In the unfortunate case where you’re in an accident and can’t call for help, you can rely on the Civic’s HondaLink Assist to send emergency personnel to your location. By using GPS and a cellular system, this feature can pinpoint your location and alert emergency responders if it detects the airbags have deployed. The Corolla only has a navigation system; no GPS response system means help won’t come as quickly if you’re incapacitated. 

Weather can be unpredictable, and the Civic has features for anything mother nature might throw in your way. If it starts to rain, the Touring’s wipers can automatically adjust their speed and even turn on and off depending on the amount of rain on the windshield. Once the sun breaks through the storm, the extendable sun visors will come in handy to shield the driver and front passenger from glare on the windshield and side windows. When the sun sets, and you’re left in the dark, it’s often inconvenient when a driver behind you has their lights shining right in your rearview mirror. The Civic has an automatic dimming feature that will quickly darken when headlights shine on it. The Corolla doesn’t have automatic wipers, extendable visors, or automatic dimming mirrors, so you better get used to constantly adjusting and squinting.

If you’re still unsure about if the 2019 Honda Civic in Racine, Wisconsin is right for you, then stop by Honda of Kenosha for a test-drive! Our friendly sales staff is ready to help you obtain your dream Honda today!


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