The 2018 Honda CRV Is Getting Nice Upgrades!

May 31st, 2016 by

The 2018 CRV Is Getting Upgrades


The Honda CR-V has been a favorite of many since its introduction to the world in 1995.


Maybe I’m biased. I grew up in a 2004 CR-V and then it became my car two years ago.

The 2018 Honda CRV

So let me tell ya. That thing is my baby and it always will be.


But it’s refreshing to know that the newer members of the CR-V family are getting an upgrade.


The new design is minor, but it’s helping the CR-V stay competitive.


It’s also not so different that the huge CR-V fans like myself will be unable to recognize it as one of their own. 


A New(ish) Style


Some might say that designers played it safe, but I think that was intentional.


If you have a design that’s so different, people won’t even think of it as a CR-V anymore.


Of course there is the presence of the ever-classic winged grille and intersecting LED headlamps.


But now there are features such as partial scollops, which cut into the lower front doors.


And there are large fender flares and strong shoulder lines, which give the CR-V a stronger and sharper look.


The styling of the back is similar to the Mitsubishi’s Challenger/Pajero Sport SUV, except the Honda has a rear pillar up-kink and vertical tail lights. 


It’s what we are all used to, but it’s gotten a makeover.


A New Power Source

Four-cylinder petrol engines are what the CR-V has been in need of for a long time.


You get your choice of a 1.5-liter turbo or a 2.4-liter as per the current model.


And there is also the possibility of a plugin hybrid version.


This would be a 2.0-liter, four cylinder combined with electric motors, making this the ideal option for eco-conscious buyers. 

Bigger and Better

The new CR-V is based on the latest Civic platform.


It has grown significantly in size.


This allows for larger and more comfortable interiors, and possibly up to a 7-seat configuration.


And speaking of interior, the new one will be getting an upgrade, as well, adding a bit of much-needed flair.


And of course there will be all sorts of driver-assist features and technological toys to make every driving experience fun, easy, and unforgettable.  


These techy advances come as a shock to someone who currently drives a CR-V with a cassette-tape player in it. 


So really, the new CR-V is basically the same as usual, but better.


Which I think many current CR-V drivers will be a fan of.


Who knows? Maybe come 2017 when the new models become available worldwide, you’ll see me driving an updated version, too.

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