Slick Detailing Tips To Make Your Car Glisten

April 27th, 2016 by

6 Tips to Detail Your Car Like a Pro


Ready for your car to gleam and glisten?

Shiny Honda Accord

To maintain that showroom glow, the surface of your car needs proper care and these 6 tips to detail your car like a pro will help you do just that!  Techniques that were once only used by professional detailers have become available to all car enthusiasts.


  1.   Keep those carpets and floor mats in tip-top shape by using an air compressor to blow dirt from every crevice and edge onto the middle of your carpet to easily vacuum it up.  A stiff scrub brush can help loosen dirt from your mats before they are vacuumed.


  1.   Next, let’s take a look at those wheels!  Be sure to use a non-acid product to clean those dirty wheels and tires.  Professional detailers use special acid-based solutions to strip residue from new tires and take care of the brake dust that accumulates on wheels, but they do with extreme care!  If used improperly, these cleaners can damage painted wheels or those with clear coatings and cause alloy wheels to pit and oxidize.  Always remember to clean wheels and tires before washing the rest of your car.


  1.   Speaking of washing, the best wash for your car is a hand wash.  Taking your time to hand wash gives you a chance to inspect your car’s surfaces to look for any damages or blemishes.  A car wash solution is the best tip for protecting and showing off your car’s finish like a pro.  The pros warn to never use dishwashing detergent to wash your car.  It strips the protective wax coating and exposes your car to nicks, scratches and stains.  When you’re finished washing, dry the surface of your car with a rubber-blade squeegee to prevent the minerals and dirt left when you allow the water to evaporate.


  1.   Now it’s time to protect that beautiful paint job!  Your car’s paint was protected by a clear coat when it left the factory, but over time it wears off leaving your paint open to the elements.  This is where wax does its job by protecting your paint from stains and scratches.  Sure, wax wears off after a few months, but it’s easily replaced and protects in the meantime!  The choice of paste wax or liquid wax is just a matter of personal preference and what you’re used to.  They will both protect your paint equally well.


  1.   The next tip to detail your car like a pro is to keep that wax protecting your precious paint, always give your car a good waxing every season.  The pros say to forget the old tricks of telling when a car needs to be waxed, just set your schedule and stick to it to ensure your car is always protected.


  1.   After washing and waxing your car, clean your windows last.  This way you will be sure to get all the dirt and grime from all of your other steps.  Look for a glass cleaner that doesn’t contain ammonia.  Ammonia is terrible for vinyl upholstery and your instrument panel.  To get the best look, use a microfiber cloth to buff your windows.  This ensures you get rid of all of the cleaner residue, which causes streaks and spots on the inside of the windows.  One of the pros tips: reach the inside of the rear window by using the back of your hand with the microfiber cloth.  This allows you to reach much farther down the glass.


With these 6 tips to detail your car like a pro, you will not only keep your baby looking beautiful, but you will help protect it for years to come!

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