Ready For Some Easy Ways To Improve Gas Mileage?

April 25th, 2016 by

Simple Steps to Improve Your Gas Mileage

Saving money is awesome.

Saving at the pump

Being environmentally conscious is awesome.


If you do these things, you probably feel great!


So what would you do if we told you some ways to improve your gas mileage?


This would in turn increase your savings, and your environmental consciousness.


And, in the process, increase your awesomeness.


Pretty sweet deal, right?


So here it is: 5 steps to improve your gas mileage, and increase your awesomeness.


Brought to you by the Car Care Council.


  • Monitor your engine’s performance:

By taking time to check and make sure that your engine is running efficiently, you could increase your vehicle’s fuel economy by 4%.


  • Check the tire pressure:

This one is huge. It takes a ton of extra energy to push your car if the tires are mushy.


By inflating them to the proper pressure, you could improve your fuel economy by 3.3%.


  • Make sure you’re using the right motor oil:

This is easy.

Engine of a Honda

Fuel economy can improve by up to 2% just by using the motor oil recommended by the manufacturer of your car.


  • Replace your clogged air filters:

Air filters can be pretty gross on older vehicles. By replacing them, not only are you improving fuel economy, but also improving the acceleration rate of your car.


  • Fix what is broken:

This is just common sense.


If there is something seriously wrong with your car, you should fix it.


It’s easy to put off repairs because of money.


But when you realize that the repair could increase your mileage up to 40%, you will make back the money you spent fixing your car in gas savings in no time!


Routine auto care isn’t just good for the car, it’s good for your wallet.


Small problems can be fixed before they turn into big ones, which of course would ultimately cost you more money.


So next time you’re at the gas station, start brainstorming all of the things you’ll be able to buy by employing these nifty tricks.


Save money, save the earth, save your car from dying on you.


All good things.


No need to thank us. This is what we do.

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