Looks Can Be Deceiving – Comparing the 2019 Honda HR-V in Kenosha

March 26th, 2019 by


When choosing a new vehicle, there’s more to the process than meets the eye. Buying a car just because it looks good has always been a no-no in the car buying world, but not with the 2019 Honda HR-V in Kenosha. This subcompact SUV has it all from aggressive designs down to a chassis that offers better handling than its competitor, the Jeep Renegade. Don’t believe us? Keep reading to discover why Honda is about to give Jeep a run for their money when it comes to performance and interior features.

There are three main components that assist in making a vehicle’s ride as smooth as butter, and that is the chassis, suspension and handling, and the tires and wheels. These three elements work together to provide you with a more efficient ride with incredible handling; now let’s discuss what each element offers. For the chassis, weighing in at about 250 to 400 pounds less than the Renegade will give you an edge on acceleration and handling. It also aids in the vehicles aerodynamics because of the flush composite headlight that reduce drag. Moving on to suspension and handling features, the HR-V’s wheelbase is 1.6 inches longer, and it handles at .84 G’s so you’ll have more stable handling and cornering abilities than if you drove the Renegade. As icing on the cake, the HR-V’s tires have a lower height to width ratio (55 series profile), which provides a stiller sidewall for additional handling capabilities; the Jeep comes with standard 65 series tires.
Other benefits to the HR-V construction, is all of the passenger and cargo room it offers as well. If you’re cruising shotgun or chilling in the captain’s chair, you can experience up to an inch of more shoulder room while your passengers in the back relax and enjoy 4.2 more inches of legroom than if you all crammed into the Renegade. As an additional advantage, the HR-V’s rear seats recline for even more comfort, yet another feature missing on its competitor. Does anyone remember a time when luggage used to be strapped down to the car’s roof in order to make enough room for passengers? That’s all in the past when you drive the HR-V; even with all of the seats occupied, this Honda has 5.8 more cubic feet of cargo space than the Jeep Renegade. And when you fold down the rear seats, you’ll go from 24.3 cubic feet to 58.8 cubic feet, making it easy to pack up everything but the kitchen sink.

We could go on and on about more reasons why you should choose the 2019 Honda HR-V in Kenosha, but why don’t you discover them for yourself? Visit us today at Honda of Kenosha, and let’s get you in a new SUV A.S.A.P!

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