Is It Still Hip To Be Square?

May 31st, 2016 by

It’s Not Hip to be Square Anymore!


So Honda recently released an interesting little commercial.

2016 Honda Civic on open road

I’ll admit I watched it and didn’t really have any idea of what was going on.

But then I watched it again and realized the point they were trying to make.

It emphasizes the curves of the Civic Coupe in a land where everything and everyone is extremely boxy.

Check it out:

Makes sense why the title of this commercial is, “Square”.

This commercial is a little terrifying.

Like a dystopia where everyone is a weird blockhead robot thing and so are the cars they drive.

The commercial itself even begins in the shape of a square.

Then the 2016 Civic comes out and restores everything to the beautiful wide-screen format.

The commercial ends with the following statement: “Once again, we’ve bent the rules,” spoken beautifully by Honda spokesman Fred Savage.

Good one, Honda.

This curvy beauty is making its way into print ads, too.

Honda has proudly declared that, “Curves are better.”

And honestly, they may be right.

The restyling of the Civic and the huge improvement that was made on performance has redefined the customer’s expectations of what a compact car should be.

The entire campaign focuses on breaking the rules of conformity, which is brave and extremely effective.

Way to go, Honda.

Props to you for thinking out of the box.


See what I did there?

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