Honda’s Glimpse Into The Future

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Honda’s Glimpse Into A Driverless Car Future

What comes to mind when you think, “Travel in luxury”?

You may think of a first-class seat on a plane.


A fancy cruise liner.


A limo with incredibly expensive leather seats.


Maybe a flying carpet.


The point is, Honda vehicles are probably not the first thing that comes to mind.


Now, what would you think if I said I could change that perception?


The innovators at Honda have big hopes and dreams.


Hopes and dreams that have the potential to carry cars across rocky obstacles and water.


Hopes and dreams that can do all of this without a human controlling the car.


That’s right: an autonomous car that can conquer literally all kinds of terrain.

Redesigned Road-Tripping

Futuristic Honda Vehicle

To illustrate their brilliant new idea, Honda enlisted the services of Map, Mori, Inc., and Ogle.


Together, they created a video with seven miniature scale models of potential autonomous cars.


The cars in this video surpass sand dunes, oceans, and rocky mountainsides.


Did you ever think your Honda could do that?


Ogle, a company specializing in 3D printing, created the models for the video.


Their SLA machines printed the small, detailed pieces which were then assembled into cars by a modeling team.


The team worked incredibly hard to make sure everything was put together perfectly, and that no errors were made.


I have a feeling that job takes gobs of patience that I just do not have.


So props to them.


Everything was crafted to perfection, with some of the finishing touches being crafted by hand.


It was an exhaustive process consisting of modeling, painting, sandblasting, testing, and more.


But the finished product was incredible.


Honda is firm about the video not being a fantasy, but a goal.


They plan to have autonomous cars on the road by as soon as 2020.


Big changes are coming, and fast.


Who knows? They may even force you to redefine your standards of luxury.

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