Honda’s Electric Race Car

July 2nd, 2016 by

Honda’s Electric Racing Car and What it Might Mean


Honda has big news that could potentially make Tesla a little nervous.

Honda's electric race car

Honda said on Monday that it is entering a battery-electric concept car into this year’s Pike’s Peak Hill Climb.


This is an event where competitors race for the fastest time up a steep and winding mountain road in Colorado.


Honda’s electric, the Acura EV Concept, is based on the hybrid Acura NSX.


The concept builds on technology that Honda used in another experimental race car last year.


But it could be that this competition is not just going to be on a road in Colorado.


It can be inferred that Honda is planning to make a statement in the electric car market, as well, which is currently being dominated by Tesla.


This is big because Honda is not what necessarily comes to mind when you think electric car.


But with the advancements the company is making, it could be. 


And that’s good for future investors.


Though Honda has dabbled with “green” technology in the past, this would be the company’s first attempt at a battery-powered car.


Honda’s electric technology uses a system of four electric motors, one for each wheel.


This system allows the car’s computer to “vector torque”.


That means that the car is able to fine-tune the power applied to each wheel, making the handling more precise than traditional gas-powered cars and is sure to give Tesla a run for its money.


Honda is clearly making big steps to clean up their ecological footprint.


CEO Takahiro Hachigo has taken big steps to reorient the company toward the emerging electric future, but nothing has been announced yet in terms of specifics.


What has been said is that a large portion of the budget is going to be spent on plug-in hybrids.


Also, battery-electric and fuel-cell vehicles are said to make up about 15% of the company’s total global sales by 2030 and a majority by 2050.


The race in Colorado is only an indication of what Honda has planned.


But it’s pretty clear that the company has green intentions that will be coming into play in a big way.


Check more information on Honda’s electric race car here.

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