Honda With An Earth Friendly Breakthrough

August 2nd, 2016 by

Honda Takes Part In Creating The First Hybrid Motor That Doesn’t Use Rare Earth Metals


The push to be more environmentally friendly can be felt all over the world.

Honda Hybrid Motor Technology

And not just in the automotive space, but in just about every manufacturing sector there is. Less emissions, more efficiency and reduced waste are all being sought after.




Honda just played a major role in a new environmentally friendly breakthrough pertaining specifically to hybrid motors.


What Honda has helped develop is the first hybrid motor that does not utilize any heavy rare earth metals in its construction.


While you may not grasp the importance of this immediately, let’s take a closer look.


What Are Rare Earth Metals?


The first thing to understand is that Rare Earth Metals aren’t rare. They are often found together and are sometimes difficult to separate though. That aside, they are rather plentiful.


There are 17 of these Rare Earth Metals, all of which can be found on the periodic table.


What makes them unique is some of their inherent properties. They have certain magnetic and electrochemical properties that make them useful. They even have some sought-after luminescent properties as well.


In the last 20 years or so, they have grown exponentially in demand though.


They are very popular in consumer electronics and technologies. And with the growth in that sector they have become more expensive to produce.


How Does It Apply To The Hybrid Motor?


Because magnets are a key component in motors, heavy rare earth metals, with their magnetic properties, are almost a tailor made solution for hybrid motors.


To make a long story short, they have been a vital component to hybrid motors.


Now, here’s why Honda’s development is so special.


By moving away from the heavy rare earth metals, the cost to produce a hybrid motor can be reduced by about 10%.


More importantly, though, the weight of the motor drops by about 8%.


A lighter hybrid vehicle is going to be able to travel farther and reduce the amount of gas used and emissions create.


So while this development may not seem like much at first, it’s pretty big for Honda as a company and will have a positive effect on the earth.


At Honda of Kenosha, we’re excited about!


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