Honda And Hitachi Unite To Save Lives

April 19th, 2016 by

Honda’s Unique Safety Collaboration That Could Save Lives

Honda alcohol breath detector

Recently, Hitachi Ltd and Honda Motor Co Ltd did something pretty unique.


They collaborated to develop a portable alcohol detector that can distinguish human breath and be integrated into a smart key.


I’m going to let that sink in for a second.






How amazing is that?!


Once the driver exhales into the device, it can measure alcohol level within 3 seconds.


The fact that people can measure their alcohol levels from anywhere has major implications.


If they notice that they are significantly under the influence of alcohol prior to entering their vehicle, their temptation to drive will most likely reduce.


But that’s not all.


The two companies have also developed a way for the alcohol level to be measured by the vehicle itself.


If the vehicle detects that the driver is under the influence of alcohol, the engine will stop.


Technological advancements like this will either reduce or (hopefully) eliminate instances of drunk driving.



Honda flag

This technology developed by Hitachi Ltd and Honda Motor Co Ltd is truly innovative.


For example, these companies have achieved portability and the ability to detect human breath at the same time.




Because the device is so small, it is easy portable.


This was done on purpose so it can be used before entering the vehicle.


And the amazing part?


The device can detect human breath through its microscopic 5mm-wide opening.


Another achievement is that the device is extremely accurate in measuring alcohol concentration.


The ethanol concentration is measured by three types of semiconductor gas sensors that detect ethanol, metabolized acetaldehyde, and hydrogen, which improves the accuracy of the measurement by 3 times of the measurement done by devices that only use an ethanol sensor for measurement.


Wait, there’s more..,


The device is capable of measuring as little as 0.015 mg/L of ethanol.




And finally, this system is integrated into a smart key function.


This means that the system can prevent the engine from starting if a high alcohol concentration is measured.


The amount of drunk driving instances that could be reduced by this technology is amazing.


Hitachi and Honda are working to commercialize this technology through the collection of data from more tests.


This technology could save lives, literally. And as a premier Honda dealer in the Milwaukee area, we are looking forward to this innovation.


And, hopefully, make the issue of drunk driving a thing of the past.

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