Honda And CDTi Team Up

August 2nd, 2016 by

Honda The Environment Are Becoming Really Good Friends…


Yes, we know, Honda makes great vehicles that everyone loves…


But did you know that Honda keeps making advances towards a cleaner future?

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Yep, they just don’t seem to stop innovating and making the world a cleaner place. And at Honda of Kenosha, we like that!


So What’s This New Advancement?


Well, it comes in the form of a partnership with a company called CDTi.


If you haven’t heard of CDTi, they are quite an innovative company. What they do is create emission control systems that are extremely advanced.


In this partnership, CDTi will be providing catalysts for the 2017 Accord.




These aren’t just any catalysts. CDTi has a technology known as MPC technology. It stands for Mixed Phase Catalyst technology.


And what’s it going to do, you ask?


Well, let’s get that from Matthew Beale, the CEO of CDTi. He says, ‘Our MPC technology reduces both NOx emissions and PGM (platinum group metal) usage, offering high performance and significant cost savings.’


Not a bad deal, huh…


CDTi will help reduce emissions, improve performance and lower cost.


That’s a pretty good situation.




When the 2017 Accord hybrid starts hitting the streets take note when you see one.


Remember it’s using an advanced technology that’s improving the Accord’s performance and reducing emissions at the same time.


And guess what…


You could be driving one!


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