Go For Baroque At The Racine Art Museum

August 1st, 2016 by

We Don’t Recommend You Go For Broke, But Going For Baroque Could Be Fun!


This summer, the Racine Art Museum has some great exhibits, but none may be as unique as the ‘Go For Baroque’ exhibit.


See… This isn’t your typical art exhibit. This is about extravagance; this is about going over the top.

Racine Art Museum

In their own words it’s, ‘Opulence and Excess in Contemporary Art’.


Don’t expect classic portraits hanging on the wall. Expect this to go way beyond that.


Racine, WI may never be the same.


Just read what’s written on the website, ‘Go for Baroque features artists that comment on luxury, artificiality, consumption, ornament, and the line between the beautiful and the grotesque.’


If you like exploring things that are different and even unusual, then this is a summer trip you should definitely take.


Like the works of art themselves, the artists are not your standard painters, drawers or sculptors.




These are the artists that push the boundaries and make you think; make you imagine.


So, if you like to step outside of the box, the Racine Art Museum has something you may very well enjoy.


It appeals to us at Honda of Kenosha because new vehicle designs and technology are continually pushing the boundaries and innovating. We’re all for stepping outside of the box and exploring.


The Go for Baroque exhibit started on May 22nd and will run through September 4th. It’s going to be a great evening in Racine, WI.


Here’s the website and all of the information – http://www.realracine.com/event/go-for-baroque%3a-opulence-and-excess-in-contemporary-art-at-racine-art-museum/1795/.

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