Get Healthier With ZERO To 5K In Racine WI

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Get Healthy During Summer In Racine, WI With Zero To 5K


Summer in Racine, WI is always fun and provides a great opportunity to get outside and enjoy nature.


It’s often a time for great vacations and activities. But as summer approaches, many of us think about ourselves and personal growth/change.

Image From RunWalk.Events

Image From RunWalk.Events

It just so happens…


That Racine has a great group for people to come together and get healthier.


It’s called the Zero To 5K group and it’s designed to promote a healthier lifestyle. More specifically, it’s designed to get us moving!


What’s great about the group is that it’s for people of all abilities. Whether you’re an experienced runner or total beginner, the Zero To 5K group can benefit you.


If you’re new to running you can follow a pace that’s right for you. But, if you’re already a seasoned runner, it’s a great way to enhance your ability, meet new people and participate in some races in the Racine, WI area.


It’s very inexpensive to join and the group meets three times per week.


They even say that they try to meet in different locations so that the same course or path is not run over and over.


You get see new sights and keep your running interesting all the time!


We all hear people referring to summertime as the time for a ‘beach body’ or a time to get in shape. That’s great, but what about getting healthier for life and meeting new people?


At Honda of Kenosha, we’re glad a group like Zero To 5K exists to help and serve others.


We’re proud to share them with you.


To get additional information and learn more about the group visit –

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