Far From Impressive – Why You Should Choose the 2020 Honda CR-V in Kenosha

February 11th, 2020 by


If it’s time for you to upgrade to a larger vehicle, but you don’t want to compromise comforts, then turn your attention to the 2020 Honda CR-V in Kenosha. This compact SUV has more than a few advanced features to transform every drive, and if you don’t believe us, then keep reading. Today, we’re comparing it to the 2020 Subaru Impreza, and you’re about to see for yourself why the Impreza is far from impressive…

Even though it might be tough sharing your CR-V, it won’t be a complete inconvenience thanks to the memory seats on the EX-L and Touring models. This feature allows two different drivers to program separate seat positions, so once you have your perfect setting, you’ll never have to change it. 

These two models also come with a standard easy entry system that glides the driver’s seat backwards when the door is unlocked, or ignition switched off, so getting in and out is a breeze. Neither of these features is available on the Subaru Impreza, so good luck trying to share that vehicle.

To help out on frigid winter days, the CR-V Touring has a heated steering wheel, providing the driver with incredible comfort before the vehicle’s cabin warms up. Your backseat passengers can also enjoy air-conditioned rear vents so they can get their blast of heat without having to wait for the relieving warmth to reach them from the front. As a final touch for modern convenience, the CR-V Touring has a standard wireless charging system, eliminating the need for cables while keeping your devices charged. The Impreza doesn’t offer a heated steering wheel or a wireless charging system, so you’ll have to mess with wires using cold digits. 

Since we’re making today’s topic all about the immediate interior comforts that you can enjoy daily, let’s move on to how much passenger space and cargo room you’ll have in the CR-V. With more passenger volume (105.9 vs. 100.9), and rear seats that can decline, long trips in the CR-V become fun again and less crowded! The Impreza, though, will feel a bit more cramped and doesn’t have rear reclining seats, so you can kiss that comfort goodbye! When looking at the cargo capacity, you’ll be amazed at how much more volume there is in the CR-V (39.2 vs. 20.8 cubic feet) without impeding passenger space. And if you ever need to clear a large amount of space, the CR-V’s rear seats automatically lower themselves into the floor with just a push of a button, expanding the volume to 75.8 cubic feet, which is still more than the Impreza by 20.5 cubic feet with their rear seats folded. As icing on the cake, the Touring model has an automatic liftgate that will open and close with a wave of your foot under the back bumper, making it easier to load and unload when your hands are full. 

If you’re still not convinced that the 2020 Honda CR-V in Kenosha is better for you than the Impreza, then visit us at Honda of Kenosha for a test-drive. We will make a believer out of you yet!

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