Explore the Unknown in the 2020 Honda Pilot in Kenosha

January 31st, 2020 by

Performance is key when you’re out in the backcountry or traveling off-road, so when you’re shopping around for the perfect SUV, then you need to consider the 2020 Honda Pilot in Kenosha. Experience the modern family SUV like never before when you take this vehicle out on your next camping trip, and you’ll see why it’s a better choice over the 2020 Dodge Durango. 

When exploring the unknown, you will need a vehicle that can travel across rocky terrain without causing you discomfort. Only the Pilot can provide an exceptional ride in the backcountry because it has standard front and rear stabilizer bars, and drift compensation steering. The stabilizer bars help keep the Pilot flat and controlled while the additional steering feature compensates for tricky road conditions that could cause drifting. The Pilot has more handling features to assist with the unpredictable outdoors, like a robust all-wheel-drive, and Intelligent Traction Management system to improve handling in mud, sand, or snow! All of these features are incredible on their own, but the Durango doesn’t host any single one.

Whether you’re zipping through the trees or down city streets, you’ll find that the Pilot is more efficient due to it weighing 650 to 1100 pounds less than the Durango and being 4.7 inches shorter, which will significantly assist with handling and parking. So you can enjoy the most out of your favorite music, the Pilot utilizes computer-generated active noise cancellation technology to remove any excess vibration from the passenger side. This feature was put to the test by Car and Driver, which found the interior of the Pilot Elite 4WD is quieter than the Durango GT 4×4 (37 vs. 38 dB).

With all of these features and many more to discover, you’ll want to share this Pilot with everyone you know. This is somewhat possible, as this Honda seats eight (vs. seven), and has 11.5 cubic feet more passenger volume than the Durango (152.9 vs. 141.4). All of that extra leg, head, and shoulder room will make everyone more comfortable, including the reclining third-row seats (not found on the Durango). If you’re curious about the amount of cargo space available, check out the chart below, which includes multiple seat configurations. 

Pilot Durango
Behind Third Seat 18.5 cubic feet 17.2 cubic feet
Third Seat Folded 55.9 cubic feet 43.3 cubic feet
Second Seat Folded 109 cubic feet 85.1 cubic feet

To make this feature even sweeter, the Pilot’s third-row folds flat into the floor to quickly clear an ample space, and the Touring, Elite, and Black Edition have an automatic liftgate that can be opened and closed just by waving your foot under the bumper. The Durango doesn’t have a hands-free liftgate, which will cause more effort on your part when loading up. 


There is plenty more to discover from the 2020 Honda Pilot in Kenosha, so visit us this weekend for a test-drive at Honda of Kenosha. Soon you’ll be exploring the unknown in one of the finest SUVs out there.


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