Don’t Wait Until The New Year – Comparing The 2020 Honda Accord in Kenosha

November 26th, 2019 by

After reading today’s topic, you won’t want to wait another moment without driving in the 2020 Honda Accord in Kenosha. We took this award-winning sedan and compared it to the 2020 Ford Fusion to see which would be the best for you, and there is plenty to report.

Jumping right into the features that you’ll enjoy every day, the Accord hosts a dual-zone air conditioning system to ensure that the driver and front passenger are always comfortable with their preferred temperature settings. This is a standard feature on the Accord, but it will cost you extra on the Fusion. When you upgrade to the Accord Touring model, enjoy a slew of more convenient features like a heads-up display that can project essential instrument readouts in the driver’s line of sight. This helps keep the focus on the road and not on the dashboard, but the Fusion doesn’t offer a heads-up display so be warry about distractions. The Accord Touring also makes parallel parking easier by automatically tilting both side mirrors to give the driver a better view of the curb when the vehicle is put in reverse. Once you shift out of reverse, the mirrors will return to their original position.

Other convenient features that your passengers can enjoy in the Touring include heated rear seats to keep them comfortable during the winter and a standard wireless charging system. This is found in the center console, where everyone can easily access it without getting tangled up in wires. Like every other feature we’ve mentioned, the Fusion doesn’t offer personal wireless charging and does not have heated rear seats. 

While the Accord makes it easier to travel in style and comfort, it also makes it easier on your wallet. By using regular unleaded gasoline, this Honda will be able to perform at its peak abilities while saving you 20 to 55 cents more at the pump, compared to the Fusion Titanium, which requires a premium for maximum efficiency. Check out the graph below to compare the MPG’s of these two sedans: 

Other advantages to owning the Accord include insurance costing about $480 less according to the Complete Car Cost Guide, and five-year ownership costs being $3432 to $3605 less than for the Ford Fusion, so don’t wait until the new year to drive off in a 2020 Honda Accord in Kenosha. Visit us this weekend for a test-drive at Honda of Kenosha, and discover more incredible features this award-winning sedan has to offer. 

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