Don’t Underestimate This SUV – Comparing The 2019 Honda HR-V in Kenosha

September 10th, 2019 by

The 2019 Honda HR-V in Kenosha is perfectly balanced in every way. Whether it’s the advanced technology and style or its engine ability and brake power, this crossover SUV has a few tricks to stay ahead of other competitors like the Toyota C-HR.


Getting right to the good stuff, Car and Driver but both of these SUV’s to the test to see which one was faster, and the HR-V did not disappoint. Check out the chart below to see for yourself: 

Zero to 60 MPH 9.3 sec 11 sec
Zero to 100 MPH 29.1 sec 33.8 sec
5 to 60 MPH Rolling Start 9.8 sec 11.8 sec
Quarter Mile 17.4 sec 18.4 sec
Speed in 1/4 Mile 82 MPH 79 MPH
Top Speed 117 MPH 115 MPH

To complement its quickness, the HR-V’s stopping ability is just as impressive and vital in keeping everyone safe. A mere two inches can make a difference in the case of an accident, and there’s more than just a couple of inches separating these two competitors: 

70 to 0 MPH 170 feet 174 feet Car and Driver
60 to 0 MPH 125 feet 137 feet Motor Trend
60 to 0 MPH (Wet) 139 feet 147 feet Consumer Reports


The HR-Vs braking ability is just the tip of the iceberg when talking about safety features. This SUV is also equipped with an intelligent suite of driver-assistive technologies known as Honda Sensing®, which is something everyone should have on the road. With Honda Sensing®, you’ll have a Collision Mitigation Braking System™ (CMBS), Road Departure Mitigation Braking System (RDM), Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) to name a few. With CMB, your HR-V will be able to apply brake pressure if it detects an unavoidable collision automatically. The RDM system works by providing steering assistance if the vehicle changes lanes without signaling, and the ACC helps maintain a safe following distance from the vehicles in front without the driver having to adjust the cruise control speed manually.

To make life even easier in the HR-V, it comes standard with Maintenance Minder, which calculates when you need oil changes, air filter replacements, tire rotations, and more based on your actual driving conditions. This will help keep your vehicle in top shape without you having to keep a journal of maintenance records. Unfortunately, the C-HR doesn’t have this feature, so you would still have to track the Toyota’s maintenance needs. 


There are plenty more advanced technologies the 2019 Honda HR-V in Kenosha can offer, but why don’t you discover them for yourself? Give us a call or swing by Honda of Kenosha for a test-drive. We hope to see you soon!


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