Comparing The 2019 Honda Civic in Bristol, WI

May 24th, 2019 by

We’re cutting right to the chase on today’s topic, where we are going to be comparing the 2019 Honda Civic in Bristol, WI, against the Toyota Corolla. Both of these vehicles are very popular to those out searching for the perfect sedan, so what sets them apart? Keep reading to learn key differences between the two, and soon you’ll be singing your praises to Honda


Both of these vehicles might share similar safety features like standard airbags, four-wheel antilock brakes, and a crash mitigation system, but there are a few things you won’t find on the Corolla that comes standard on the Civic. Throughout the Honda, you’ll find smart airbags that can deploy at different levels of force thanks to speed and seat sensors. This better protects passengers of all sizes, and can even shut off the side airbag if a child is detected leaning against the door. The Civic also has blind spot mirrors that utilize wide-angle convex mirrors to reveal objects in the blind spot range better.

If you decide to upgrade to the Sport Sedan, Sport Coupe, EX, EX-L, or Touring model, you’ll have another incredible safety feature you won’t want to travel anywhere without, which is HondaLink Assist. This system uses a cellular network and a GPS receiver to automatically send emergency responders to your location if the airbags deploy. You won’t find this possible life-saving technology on the Corolla, so if you are in an accident and not able to call for help, it could come much later.


On top of out-shining the Corolla in safety, the Civic also has an impressive, fully independent suspension system which allows the wheels to stay close to the road at the best angle for ultimate grip of the pavement. There’s also available variable-assist power steering and drift compensation steering which aid in a better feel of the road and control. The advanced steering automatically compensates for adverse road conditions that could cause drifting, so once it kicks in, you’ll be able to stay on the straight and narrow with ultimate control.


Convenience is vital in a fast-paced world, and every second counts, so why would you choose a vehicle that doesn’t assist in your daily drive? The Civic comes with a remote vehicle starting system that can be activated from inside the house. Having the engine already running can help cool down the interior because this system enables climate control to set the cabin at your preferred temperature. This dual zone air conditioning is another standard feature found on the EX, EX-L, and Touring models, which allows the driver and front passenger to choose their separate, preferred climates for increased comfort with no compromise. The Corolla doesn’t offer either of these features, so those hot summer days might sting a little.


Have you made your decision yet? If you still need convincing, feel free to give us a call or swing by this weekend for a test-drive We look forward to helping you attain the sought after  2019 Honda Civic in Bristol, WI!


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