Avenue Q The Musical Hits Racine WI

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Change Your Summer Plans A Bit With A Musical in Racine, WI


When it comes to summer activities, there are plenty of common things to do, especially in the Racine, WI area.


We commonly think of trips to the beach, vacations and resorts both within and outside of Wisconsin. Outdoor activities like bike riding, swimming and sports are all typical summer activities.


But what about something different in Racine, WI?


Are you up for an experience that you probably haven’t had in a long time, if ever?


Well, if you are, Avenue Q The Musical, may be just what you’re looking for.

From www.broadwayworld.com

From www.broadwayworld.com

It’s a hilarious show, that chronicles the story of Princeton, a college grad that takes up residence out on Avenue Q in New York.


Everything for Princeton starts smooth, but things just aren’t what they seem to be.


Avenue Q The Musical shows you Princeton’s journey as finds friends, deals with struggles, and finds himself. It’s a fantastic journey that’s full of laughs.


That being said, Avenue Q isn’t one that you’re going to bring the kids to. This one is best for adults.


Racine, WI has some excellent events that you can attend and Avenue Q The Musical is one of the funniest summer experiences you’ll come across.


At Honda of Kenosha, we love that Racine, WI puts out such a unique experience.


Get all of the details on showtimes here – http://www.thehaylofters.com/avenue-q.html

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