Americans Still Love Their Hondas!

May 30th, 2016 by

American Drivers Still Love their Hondas


It’s a great time for Honda in the U.S.!


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We recently had our best April for the brand on record!


U.S. sales rose 14%, an impressive 148,829 vehicles.


The overall Honda division also set a record this month.


Volume advanced 15% to 132,623 vehicles.


Specifically, volume for cars rose 14% and light-truck demand grew 16%.


The main source of this volume increase?


The good, old, classic core models.


Accord volume saw an increase of 16%.


Civic sales increased 25%!


Which makes sense considering the new 2016 model was completely redesigned.


Honda stated that it will continue to evolve its car lineup.


Honda customers have shown a growing increase in the light-truck lineup, however.


They sold 60,300 vehicles in April, mostly due to the Odyssey and the new HR-V subcompact crossover.


But we can’t forget about minivans.


Minivans jumped 18% to 13,047 in April.


The HR-V experienced an increase of nearly 7,000.


That being said, Honda is seeing demand for the Accord.


Customers come in for the Civic and ultimately make the decision to take the larger model, the Accord.


There was one surprising percentage change.


The Acura, a usual favorite among customers, slipped 6.1% in April.


Only 5,568 Acura models were sold last month.


Despite that, Honda had a great April.


Which goes to show that after all these years, and after hundreds of innovations, Americans still love their Hondas.

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