A Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing – Comparing The 2019 Honda Accord in Bristol, WI

June 11th, 2019 by

Looks can be deceiving, so don’t let the flashy style of the Chevrolet Malibu fool you. There are a lot of critical features missing, which are crucial for every drive. As for the 2019 Honda Accord in Bristol, WI, it has both beauty and brains, so keep reading to learn about these features and more before heading out to the dealership for a test-drive.


If you’re picky about your ride experience, then the Accord is perfect for you due to its driver-adjustable suspension system. This gives you the choice of choosing between either an extra-supple ride for lengthy trips or sport mode for maximum control over challenging roads. This Honda also has speed sensitive variable-assist power steering for better control during cornering, low-effort parking, and an overall better feel for the road. To make this a complete package of incredible suspension and handling features, drift compensation steering comes into play on the Accord, which automatically assists with drifting when the rod conditions are less than favorable. None of thee elements are on the Malibu, so if you choose Chevy, you’ll be missing out on a lot of great suspension and handling features.


Let’s keep rolling on the performance train by discussing the Accords safety features. Even though the Malibu has plenty of these to boast about, it still falls short when compared to what this Honda can do. To reduce the amount of damage caused by airbags, the Accord comes standard with speed and seat sensors which work together to determine the amount of force needed for the airbags. This better protects passengers of all sizes and can even shut off entirely if a child is sensed leaning against the door. Enhancing safety even further, the front shoulder belts are height-adjustable to provide a better fit for a wide variety of passenger sizes. This can also encourage passengers to buckle up, which is half the battle in some cases. The Malibu doesn’t have adjustable airbags, so they’ll always deploy at full-force no matter what, and they don’t offer height-adjustable seat belts either.


Now that we’ve highlighted important mechanical and technological features let’s move on to interior differences between the Malibu and Accord. When it comes to space, the Accord has 2.7 cubic feet more passenger volume and an extra cubic foot of space in the trunk over the Malibu, and because of this, the EPA rates the Accord as a “Large” car and the Malibu as “Mid-size. So you don’t have to worry about cargo security, the Accord’s sedan body, valet key, remote trunk release lockout, and locking rear seatbacks ensure that security is top-notch in this Honda. There is also a locking glove box that can’t be accessed by the valet key, so your smaller valuables are safe and secure.


Now that the wool is pulled off your eyes, why don’t you visit Honda of Kenosha for a test-drive? We promise the 2019 Honda Accord in Bristol, WI, will be the perfect vehicle for you!


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