A Brief Honda History

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A Little Insight into Honda’s Past


Most people are familiar with Honda vehicles.

Honda founders

How could you not be?


They are some of the highest quality vehicles on the road today.


That much is practically common knowledge.


But not many know the story of Honda itself.


So gather ‘round, friends, and prepare yourself for quite the tale.


The Beginning


Soichiro Honda. The man, the myth, and the legend.


Honda started Tokai Seiki in 1937.


This company crafted pistons for the Toyota company, which Honda then learned how to mass produce.


Because that company was taken under the war ministry during World War II, Honda was forced out of his job there.


But on a happier note, the destruction of the company led to the creation of the Honda Technical Research Institute in 1949!


By 1964, this company was one of the world’s biggest motorcycle manufacturers, with early car models being introduced in 1963.


The company began to further develop models of automobiles, and by 1979 the company had another historical feat.


It became the first Japanese automobile manufacturing company to open a facility in the U.S.!


Moving Forward


1986 was the year of the Acura, and another year of making history.


These models were offered through 60 different dealerships across the U.S., but that wasn’t enough for Honda.

early civic

Honda became the first American-built automobile to be exported to Japan in 1988.


That’s a pretty big accomplishment.


But Honda wasn’t about to quit there.


In 1990, Honda launched the Acura NSX.


This was the world’s first all-aluminum bodied automobile!


But that’s not all!


Are you surprised?


The following year the Accord wagon became the first vehicle in the Honda’s history to be completely designed and built in the U.S.


This was HUGE for the company.


So Where Are We Now?


As you could probably tell, Honda is not one to be satisfied with the status quo.


The innovators of this company are constantly working to be bigger and better.


And can you blame them?


Honda continues to be cutting edge, and is leading the way in many fields.


For a company that never quits, it’s hard to predict where they’ll go next.


We’ll just have to wait and see!

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