Used Cars Milwaukee WI

Tips for Finding Quality Used Cars in Milwaukee, WI


When you’re searching for quality used cars in Milwaukee, WI, it’s important to know what to look for.  By following these guidelines, you’ll be a better informed consumer and have no trouble at all finding what’s best for you and your budget.

Used car on Milwaukee dealership lot


  • Determine Your Needs



The first consideration in this process is to determine what your needs are.  What type of vehicle will serve you best?  Do you need a truck to help you haul items or materials or a minivan to carry your most precious cargo to school and sports activities?  Maybe you just need a small, fuel efficient car to get you to work.



  • Consider Your Options



There are many fine used cars in Milwaukee to choose from.  Do you prefer a foreign or domestic vehicle?  You can choose a 2-door, 4-door, SUV, minivan, or truck from any used car dealer you visit.  Also, will you need on-the-lot financing or have you been pre-qualified for your next car loan?



  • Getting More Information



Several of your local Milwaukee, WI used car dealers have websites where their inventory is available to look at in the privacy of your own home.  More vehicles may be added before your in-person visit, but this will help narrow down the selection to what you are looking for.  You can read the details of each used vehicle, which will help narrow your selection even further.



  • On-Site Inspection and Test Drive



The next step in ensuring that you find quality used cars in Milwaukee, WI that will serve you well for years to come is the on-site inspection process and taking a test drive.  The first thing to look for is the body condition.  Do you see signs of previous body work from an accident or rust repair?  Next, look at the tires.  How much wear do they have and what is the wear pattern?  Uneven tire wear is a sign of a misaligned front end.  Is this a result of poor maintenance or a structural problem?


Continue this inspection on the car’s interior.  Check the floorboards for weakness from rust or rust repair.  How well has the interior been taken care of?  What is the condition of the upholstery?  Make sure that everything is fully functional inside, such as the heat and air conditioning, radio, turn signals and wipers.


Take a look under the hood, are the belts and hoses in good condition and free of fraying?  Are there any obvious signs that these used cars in Milwaukee have been poorly cared for? When you are satisfied with the physical inspection, it’s time to take a test drive.  How does the vehicle feel to you?  Would you enjoy driving it every day?  Next, how does it drive?  Does it respond well to you when you accelerate, brake and turn?  Do you feel comfortable and safe in this vehicle?  All of these are very important in determining if this is the right vehicle for you.  You need a safe and reliable vehicle, but one that you are comfortable in driving as well.  Not too big, not too small… just right!


  • Post Test Drive Inspection


Upon return to the dealer, your inspection of used cars Milwaukee should continue.  Check under the hood again, do you smell oil?  This could be the sign of a leak or a simple spill from just being serviced by the dealer’s service department.  Ask the dealer about the vehicle’s service records.  Did they receive any service history from the prior owner?


When choosing a used car, it is vital that you do a thorough inspection and ask questions at the dealer.  With the right information, you can assure yourself of great used cars  Milwaukee, WI that will serve you well for years to come.