Used Cars Kenosha WI

Looking for used cars in Kenosha,WI, For Your Teenager?


Are you looking for used cars in Kenosha, WI, for your teenager? Here are a few guidelines that will make the transition from a concerned parent to a relaxed one (letting your teen handle a car sure gets immensely nerve-wracking to say the least) easier.

used cars Kenosha WI

Ready for pointers for buying used cars in Kenosha, or anywhere else for that matter? Here’s some helpful information…


  •   Safety
  •   Budget
  •   Condition of car
  •   Comfort while driving


Prioritize safety


Teens are an adventurous lot often bordering on dangerous as they would want to show off their driving abilities to their peers. Hence, as a parent ensure that you checklist these guidelines before buying used cars in Kenosha.


  •   Horsepower: Always go for a car with moderate horsepower or you might witnessyour audacious teen testing the limits of the car on the streets of Kenosha, WI.
  •   Car size: The bigger the car the better, because national survey has shown that it is safer and not that easy to crash a big vehicle.
  •   ESC: Electronic Stability Control mandatory since 2012 is a must for your teen’s safety. In fact it is as useful as the safety belt.
  •   Safety Rating: Research for the best rating for used cars in Kenosha,WI. They should have 4 or 5 star on the front and side rating.


Budget friendly


A used car with good safety rating and having the latest safety features might cost more than your budget. You can get information on the current pricing for the various makes and models of used car from the NADA (National Automobile Dealer Association).  In addition to that most of the dealers of used cars in Kenosha, WI, have websites, which will answer all your queries. Some of them may even give a comparison between models helping you in deciding the right model for your eager teen.


Examine the condition of the car


Once you have narrowed down on the model, it is time to gain firsthand knowledge on the condition of the car. Though invariably the condition of the used cars Kenosha, WI, is good, you can never be too sure.


You have to determine that the body of the car is not dented and doesn’t carry signs ofrust and body work repair from a previous accident. The condition of the tires is a window to the way the car was maintained and the degree of wear and tear the tires have undergone with the previous owner.


Once done with external examination, turn your attention to the inner condition of the car. Check to see that the upholstery is clean and stain free. Ensure the floorboards are strong and rust free. Make sure that the air-conditioning is working; the radio/CD player is in good order. The mobility of the steering and the wipers too need to be checked; in totality the entire vehicle should be in good working condition and should not become a liability within a few weeks of purchase.


Test drive to ascertain comfortability factor


It is time to hit the roads of Kenosha; take the vehicle for a test drive. Let your teen decide if the car is easy to drive and maneuver.  The key to buying a used car is the ease with which he/she is able to speed up and slow down, and the overall feel of the vehicle.


The final step


Ask the dealer for the service records of the car; it is always better to possess all the paperwork related to the car. Always make sure that you have covered all areas of concern before making a purchase. There is enough choice in the used cars Kenosha to meet your teen’s choice and your budget.