Used Car Dealerships in Janesville WI

5 Simple Rules to Finding Used Car Dealerships in Janesville, WIUsed Car Dealerships in Janesville WI

Quality used car dealerships in Janesville, WI extend far beyond the sales staff and permeate an entire organization. Because a friendly, professional experience is so valuable, yet finding one can be so stressful, the following rules will help eliminate that issue and connect you with some of the great car dealers in the area.

Determine Your Family’s Automotive Needs

Knowing exactly the qualities you’re looking for will allow used car dealerships in Janesville to provide for you more effectively. For example, if you’re looking for comfort and economy, how many people are you looking to seat? Does fuel mileage or maintenance costs matter to you more, and are you willing to compromise on up-front cost for additional safety features? Put together an estimated budget, and prioritize the qualities of performance, durability, economy, safety, comfort and appearance in the order that matter most to you. Because we all buy on emotion and justify with logic, it’ll give you an accurate mindset before going into the buying process, and bring you closer to your ideal vehicle and used car dealerships in Janesville, WI.

Shop Around Before Considering a Visit

Perform a simple Google search with the term ‘used car dealerships in Janesville WI’ and visit the dealership websites that appear in the results. Scan through their inventory lists and discover the relative prices, features and models that are available to you. Since you’ve already defined what you want, you can eliminate unwanted offers quickly. Although many of the offers you’re interested in won’t be available when you call or visit car dealers, you’ll have an accurate frame of reference where the best deals are found.

Ask for Recommendations and Reviews

Social proof can be a motivating factor, however it also sheds light on information you haven’t been exposed to and indicates the kind of experience that others have had with used car dealerships in Janesville. Talk to a respected automotive authority in your community, and ask which used car dealers they’d recommend based on your preferences. Also look online for reviews, and pay particular attention to not only their buying experience, but the support they’ve received from the sales staff, financing department, servicing and the dealership as whole.

Visit a Used Car Dealership

Once you feel comfortable with a particular car dealership, pay a visit at their location. Ask to meet their sales staff, note how attentive and courteous they are to you and also remember who you spoke with, so you can ask for them the next time you’re there. Speak with the finance department and inquire about any special financing options or help with loan pre-qualification. This may not be a requirement for you, however you may find a great deal at a higher price where financing could be of benefit to you. Look into additional service programs, like a free oil change after your 10th, or free mounting and balancing when you purchase new wheels. Amenities, such as the comfort of the lobby and shuttle options when you’re without a vehicle are clear indications of their loyalty toward clients.

Perform Quality Inspections in Person

Used car dealerships in Janesville will provide car service records and history information, and provide information on the condition of their vehicles. Test the brakes, transmission, accelerate and steering during a test drive, and look over the body before and afterward. Inquire about previous body repairs, the source of the problem and locate any rust on the interior and exterior. Ensure that every component, from the turn signals to the parking brake are functional, and if you’re confident about used car dealerships in Janesville, WI, get an insurance quote before making a purchase.