Honda Of Kenosha’s Heart Walk Event

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Honda Of Kenosha & The Racine/Kenosha Heart Walk


At Honda of Kenosha, we have always believed in giving back to the community and supporting good causes.


Over the years we have hosted events at the dealership and participated in others.

Honda of Kenosha Heart Walk

This year, we’d like to share the 2016 Racine/Kenosha Heart Walk.


We will be participating as a local dealership serving both Kenosha and Racine.


In fact, we even have our own support page with some of our employees listed. You can see that here.


The Heart Walk takes place in October, but contributions have already started pouring in. The total goal for the event is to raise $75,000. Up until now, nearly $55,000 has already been raised.


We are playing our part as well and will raising more to help hit the overall goal.


What Is The Heart Walk?


The Heart Walk is run by the American Heart Association to raise awareness about two of America’s deadliest diseases – heart disease and stroke.


It’s the flagship event for the American Heart Association and one of the main ways they raise funds to help save and improve lives.


But it’s not just about fundraising…


It’s also about raising awareness. The Heart Walk is just as much about creating awareness around physical activity and living a lifestyle that promotes a healthy heart.


Another great benefit of the Heart Walk is that it’s great for the entire family. Kids not only enjoy getting outside and spending time with other children, but it’s also a great opportunity to share what healthy living and helping others is all about.


The Racine/Kenosha Heart Walk will have individual participants, company teams and teams of family members and/or friends.


At Honda of Kenosha, we will be participating as a company, but we’re looking to include as many people as possible and really raise awareness for this great event!


Are you ready to give back and support a noble cause along with us?


If so, please call or contact us!

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