2016 Honda HR-V Racine WI

The 2016 Honda HR-V Racine, WI is a Versatile and Reliable Option

2016 Honda HR-V Racine WI

If you’re looking for something that provides dazzle and flash of an SUV, from the luxuries of the interior to the exterior design, combined with the performance and fuel economy of a car, it has something to offer in all of those areas.

We’ve decided to break down some of the most valued features by car owners in Racine, WI and critics alike, from the smart touch technology to the spacious cabin and the power of the engine.

General Overview

It provides a consistent set of standard features, including LED taillights, personalized wheel locks, door edge guards and attachments, alloy wheels, and a noise mask.

Measuring 169.1 inches long, 69.8 inches wide and 63.2 inches tall, the Honda HR-V in Racine is quite roomy for its class, providing 58.8 cubic feet. All of the seats including the front passenger and entire second row can be folding for extra storage capacity, and the back seats fold both forward and backward.

In terms of safety, this Honda SUV ranks incredibly high, with its successful federal rating from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration of 5 stars. Combine this with its affordable and flexible model and packaging options, and it’s a perfect fit for families in Racine and the US.

It also has an impeccable anti-lock braking system and stability assist to keep traction on a variety of terrains when you make a sudden stop with the 2016 Honda HR-V in Racine, WI.

Additionally, there’s a tire pressure monitor system to ensure that you’re driving under optimal conditions for the road, as well as a multi angle rear view mirror to detect and prevent any potential accidents occurring in your blind spots.

Luxury Accommodations

This car leaves little to be desired by the prestige of Honda’s acclaimed design capabilities, however there are some additional features and packages that really make it easy to drive.

For starters, there are three models to choose from which are named LX, EX, and EX-L Navi, for those willing to spare the expense for all that it has to offer. Each also have variants to fit your preference, with the LX and EX offering 3 and the EX-L Navi offering 2.

This is perhaps why the 2016 Honda HR-V Racine, WI is so popular among such a diverse group of drivers, including families as well as for daily driving and travel purposes in general.

In fact, military veterans are giving special financing options. You can potentially drive off the lot for 24 months with no money down, as well as title and dealer fees, security deposit and tax charges waived.

There’s also a 3 year or 36,000 (whichever occurs first) mile warranty on all packaging options, so not only do they provide all of the convenience that you need for your family, but Honda stands by the quality of every feature, as well as the 2016 Honda HR-V in Racine as a whole.

Highway and City Fuel Efficiency

For those who aren’t satisfied with automatic transmission and demand a manual option, this Honda car will work wonders for you. The first two models, the LX and EX, feature 6-speed manual transmission that can reduce your fuel consumption to 28 MPG.

Overall, the 2016 Honda HR-V Racine strikes a huge cord with their audience in this area, by providing a 35 MPG highway and 28 MPG city fuel efficiency rating. It’s also received recommendation as the 2016 Green SUV of the year.

The addition of energy efficient features like LED rear lights, and one touch smart door opening are small details that represent the way that the 2016 Honda HR-V Racine, WI takes care of their drivers, with safety, comfort and style.