2016 Honda FIT Milwaukee WI

The Hatchback of 2016 – The Honda Fit in Milwaukee, WI


This hatchback of 2016 from Honda the Honda Fit Milwaukee, WI., is compact but roomy, has a great fuel economy, and is affordably priced. It comes as an update to the previous year’s model, just more luxurious and spacious. The 2016 FIT comes in three different levels, LX, Ex and EX-L each with its own unique features. It has a unique cabin, and super sophisticated interiors which make the drivers of Milwaukee enjoy every ride. With 130 horsepower delivered through 1. Liter engines, it is efficient and reliable to the core.

2016 Honda FIT Milwaukee WI

The trim versions LX and EX come with basic equipments and can be extended to EX-L for some added features. Automatic headlights, air conditioning and 4 wheel anti-lock brakes are some features which add to the luxury. You no longer have to bother about turning the headlights on and off as it is taken care of. The fog lights take care of necessary lighting when it is foggy.


The EX-L is a complete luxury to own with heated mirrors and front seats, steering which has leather wrapped all over and also a navigation system which works best for extensive travelers. The interiors are roomy; you would be amazed at the room space the rear passengers will get in the 2016 Honda Fit in Milwaukee, WI. Co-passengers generally do not find hatchbacks comfortable, but with Fit, there will not be any complaints, even from the tallest of them. Here are the top reasons why the Honda Fit is the hatchback of 2016:


–       Wheelbase

–       Interiors

–       Spacious

–       Safety


A long wheelbase, a steadier ride


The car has a longer wheelbase which makes driving absolute fun. The dashboard, its look is ultra modern and makes the hatchback look sleek. It also comes with a Bluetooth phone which is not generally available in this range of cars. Apart from that the audio streaming ability in the car makes it an instant hit among music lovers.


Interiors of the 2016 Honda Fit in Milwaukee ,WI.


The utility mode of this vehicle is amazing. When you do not have passengers to travel with you, just fold the back seats, and you could fit in a small couch there. Now tagging your bike along for your trekking or beach rides just gets simpler. It just saves up some space for grocery shopping or even a small luggage at the back.

Honda FIT Driving In Downtown Milwaukee

So much room


If you do have long items be it skis or surfboards, there is no problem in carrying them along. Just fold the rear front seat and back seat and you could fit in lengthy items and comfortably drive along for your water sports activities. These items do not eat up any of the Milwaukee, WI driver’s space and allows them to drive in comfort.


Interested in gardening?  Carry plants often from the nursery to your home? You could just manage 4 feet of vertical space in this Fit by just folding off the back rear seat. You could also carry 4-feet tall art crafts using the same feature.


When you are in a travel mode and want to just rest for a while before getting back to the long drive, this 2016 Honda Fit Milwaukee WI comes to the rescue.  Just remove the front seat’s headrests and fold them back and you have a recliner with you at your disposal. Take a short break from the monotony of driving and hit back strong.


Safety intact


Honda Fit 2016 in Milwaukee, WI., comes with all safety features intact. The 4 wheel anti lock brakes, traction control, stability control, and reverse camera along with air bags make it a completely safe vehicle. You know you are in safe hands when the safety features have been taken care of so well. The drivers in Milwaukee, WI., sure have found the perfect hatchback option for them in the Honda Fit 2016.