2016 Honda CR-V Racine WI

The 2016 Honda CR-V Racine, WI. – Safety And Luxury Guaranteed


All of us have spent way too many valuable minutes trying to fish out our car keys, either from our pockets or our bag. The 2016 Honda CR-V Racine, WI, has a smart entry feature which enables you to unlock your 2016 CR-V with just the touch of a button on the driver’s door handle. The push button start ensures you don’t have to take out your key even after stepping into your car. Start your 2016 Honda CR-V Racine, WI, with just a touch of a button. Here are the top four features of this car:

2016 Honda CR-V Racine WI

   Driving with the moonroof open

   Seating adjustments

   Rich interiors

   You own playlist

Driving With The Moonroof Open


You can also enjoy your drive with your moon roof open, with just the touch of a button.  The stylish side mirrors are designed well to aid your view and are also fitted with the turn indicators. This ensures your side blinkers don’t go unnoticed by other drivers, when you want to take a turn.  The car is equipped with LED day lights which not only adds to the classy look, but also enhances your visibility to other drivers.


Seating Adjustments


Driving comfort is extremely important in Racine, WI and keeping this in mind, The 2016 Honda CR-V Racine, WI, allows its driver to adjust the seat in 10 different ways and can commit 2 positions to memory.


Rich interiors


The interiors are richly done with leather trimmed seats that not only makes it look sophisticated but also makes it look luxurious. The console box in the center is spacious enough to store your things and also has a USB audio interface inside, which allows you to either charge your phone or play music from any compatible device.


Your Own Playlist

2016 Honda CR-V Parked In The Driveway

You can now enjoy your drive by changing the tracks easily to suit your mood. The 7 inch display screen offers easy access to navigate through your playlist, on the go. If you do not like taking your hands off the wheel while driving, worry not, this car has the controls mounted on the steering wheel. The Bluetooth hands-free link enables you take calls while driving without having to take your eyes off the road or hands off the wheel.


If you own a compatible smartphone, you can access your podcasts and more on your car’s display screen. You can touch, swipe or pinch and navigate through them all.  The 2016 Honda CR-V Racine, WI, has a dual zone climate controls to ensure you don’t stay too cold or too warm just because your co-passenger prefers it that way.


Gone are the days where you had to juggle your luggage in order to free your hand to open the tailgate. The 2016 Honda CR-V Racine, WI, tailgate can now be opened or closed with just the touch of a button.  The cargo area is very spacious and you can even fold down the last row of seats to gain more space.  You have a generous cargo volume of 37.2 cubic feet behind the second row which expands to 70.9 cubic feet when you fold down the seat. You also have the option of folding down just one seat at the back, thereby giving you more cargo space without reducing your car to a two seater.


To make sure you have a clear view when you back up, The 2016 Honda CR-V Racine, WI, has a rear view camera that offers three different angles for your rear view.


Your safety on the road is ensured with the Vehicle Stability Assist which helps when braking or reduce the engine power in case of oversteering or understeering. The new vehicle also has lane departure warning which alerts you if you drift away from your lane without signalling and the steering adjusts to keep you in line. It has built in sensors that warn you if you are at a risk of colliding with the vehicle in front and if you are not able to do anything about it, the collision mitigation braking system helps to bring your vehicle to a stop. The real time AWD TM transfers the power to the rear wheels if it detects any traction loss.


The 2016 Honda CR-V Racine, WI, has an adaptive cruise control which helps you maintain a constant speed following an interval; hence you don’t have to manually change your speed. The vehicle is highly fuel efficient with a 2.4 liter direct injection engine and a continuously variable transmission that aids in smooth acceleration. The hill start assist maintains enough brake line pressure to give you time to push on the accelerator.