2016 Honda Civic Milwaukee WI

The 2016 Honda Civic Sedan: Your companion in Milwaukee, WI.

That new stylish and sturdy ride that is the 2016 Honda Civic in Milwaukee, WI, is all yours to explore. This brand new car would ensure you a safe and sassy ride in the beautiful Milwaukee region, without you having to settle for anything less. Here are some standout features of the Civic:

2016 Honda Civic Milwaukee WI




Exteriors and overall appearance:

The shape is streamlined to make it appear cutting edge and distinctive cut edges makes it take a regally dominating space. The all LED lights in Touring model or higher, ensure both efficiency of energy and minimizes the risk of low visibility in front. It also incorporates tail lights with integrated LED bars that makes it visible to cars in back, under condition of snowfall or harsh climate. One Touch turn indicators are present in all models of the new Honda Civic sedan from EX model and up, that enables a smoother changing of lanes and taking turns both for the person behind the wheel as well as for the traffic behind.

The two other features of the 2016 Honda Civic Sedan in Milwaukee WI, would make it stand out with aplomb in the region. One, the presence of fog lights in models EX-T and up and the other is the rain sensing windshield wipes. Both are of indispensable utility for the Milwaukee, WI region given its frequent precipitation climate and dense fog in harsh winters.

Interior, engineering & convenience aspects:

The 2016 Honda Civic Sedan, boasts of a 1.5 liter turbocharged engine that promises one of the highest cruise mode efficiency as well as robust performance throughout the length of your owning the car! Quite literally!

The 2016 Honda Civic in Milwaukee WI, has the Eco assist system that acts as a feedback system to teach drivers to drive in greater efficiency. The Hill Start Assist system, is built in as a confidence enhancing feature to help prevent roll back when the car starts from any stop on hill. This makes the 2016 Honda Civic Milwaukee, WI, your perfect companion to any hill or mountain camping. Further, the Direct Ignition System with Immobilizer enables your car to stay secure whenever you are away from it, by preventing unauthorized source to be able to ignite the engine.

2016 Civic Parked On Milwaukee Road

The 2016 Honda Civic is the perfect companion to those who prioritize road safety above everything else. Models EX, LX, EX-T, EX-L and Touring come loaded with Honda sensing systems of Collision mitigation braking system, Road Departure mitigation system, Forward Collision warning and Lane departure warning, each of which would prevent the one behind wheel to avert any collisions or turn aways that might be dangerous. This with the Lane keeping Assist System would prevent the driver from straying away from lane without signaling and bring them back to the center of lane. The Honda Lane watch, another trademark of this sedan, where signaling right would mean a small camera displaying a live video on the Audio Display screen that reveals almost four times more than the passenger side mirror would. These ensure that 2016 Honda Civic in Milwaukee WI, keeps you from getting tickets and maintains traffic rules to the highest possible extent.

The Honda Civic sedan also features a Dual Zone climate control where the interiors of the car can have customizable two way temperature control, one which is comfortable enough for the driver’s zone and the other for the passenger zone. This feature in the 2016 Honda Civic Sedan for Milwaukee, WI, can be the best bet in the cold of Milwaukee, where people have different levels of heat and cold tolerance. Apart from this, the electric brake system, remote engine start and tech central control storage would ensure utmost convenience while driving.

Your ticket to the entertaining ride of lifetime

Loaded with the Apple playlist and control panels on steering wheel that does not let you compromise on emergency calls and concentration on the steering, the ride in the 2016 Honda Civic in Milwaukee, roads would be one to cherish for a lifetime.