2016 Honda Accord Milwaukee WI

Here comes the 2016 Honda Accord to take Milwaukee by storm


A car that can hold its own in a pack of mighty names is the 2016 Honda Accord Milwaukee, WI. Since its inception, Honda is a company known for its Sedans which have evolved with time to meet the ever increasing needs of the consumer. Forty years and still going strong, Honda is synonymous with luxury.

2016 Honda Accord Milwaukee WI

The 2016 Honda Accord Milwaukee, WI, has set new standards in luxury driving. Here’s why it is a car that everyone is gunning for this summer:


  •      Style
  •      Comfort
  •      Safety
  •      Engineering
  •      Audio and connectivity


Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder


Come fall in love with this elegant piece of engineering called 2016 Honda Accord. The car in its entirety oozes style and character. Chrome door handles, body colored parking sensors and side mirrors enthrall the driver. Be mesmerized by the chic craftsmanship seen in the overall look of the Accord. The stylish tail lights and the discreetly placed powerful LED fog lights will make sure that the dreaded winter fog in Milwaukee, WI is no hindrance to a safe drive.


It is all about comfort


Killer looks coupled with comfort define the 2016 Honda Accord Milwaukee, WI. Literally the worst part about winter is that every surface is cold. The 2016 Honda Accord, Milwaukee, WI, has countered this typical winter problem with a brilliant innovation – heated seats in the front and rear! The illuminated controls on the steering help you control the car settings without fumbling for controls near the dash board; that is passé. Enjoy the star studded Milwaukee night sky unhindered by a window or a door – just by the touch of a single button the moon roof glides over bringing nature closer to you as you cruise through the night. The driver has additional comfort in this sedan with the 10-way power adjustment in his seat which also includes lumbar support.


Safety first

2016 Accord Parked On Milwaukee Street

The design team at Honda has your safety as its top priority. That is why they have installed the multi-angle rearview camera which gives you a truly 360° view while backing the car to park, especially in difficult nooks. If by chance you end up in a collision, you can be rest assured that you will emerge unscathed as the car is designed to transport the collision energy through the entire body of the car.


The Accord has taken safety to a new level with its Features like FCW which alerts you to the risk of a collision when too near a car in front or the CMBS which stops the car when a collision seems inevitable. From the comfort of your Honda you can check the pressure of your car tires too.


Now this is how a car should be


The 2016 Honda Accord Milwaukee, WI, is fitted with the i-VTEC engine that ensures that the car performs well at any engine speed. The transmission between speeds is smooth and easy. The six-speed manual and automatic transmission will make driving a pleasure.


Sophisticated leather trimmed seats, automatic climate control, and ample head room, leg room and shoulder room in the 2016 Honda Accord Milwaukee, WI, make it one car you wouldn’t want to get out of because its speed and comfort make any drive an ecstatic journey.


Music for the road


Whether you have an iPhone or an Android device, it doesn’t matter. You can sync your smartphone to the Honda link and listen to music as you drive. The 2016 Honda Accord Milwaukee, WI, is a smart car which will adjust the volume of music to compensate the road noise.


Social responsibility


At Honda, they are eco conscious and they want their customers to be  as well, hence the introduction of the single ECON button which adjusts fuel consumption depending on the situation.

Performance and utility are synonymous with the new 2016 Honda Accord Milwaukee, WI.